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Testimonials From Our Dentists
Philip Pascucci, DDS
Shore Dental, Manahakwin, NJ

I met Dr. Di Cesare almost a decade ago when I was interviewing for my first job out of dental school. To my surprise and his credit, he took a chance by hiring me on the spot without any experience or even a residency. Since then he has been my mentor both personally and professionally. 

He has provided countless opportunities for me to learn and grow in both my dental and professional skills. When I was ready to branch out and obtain my own practice he was again there to guide me through that arduous process, now with the help of Dr. Cohen and Dr. Albanese. As current president of the New Jersey Dental Board, I was excited to learn and have the ear of such an accomplished dentist like Dr. Cohen to further guide me in honing my dental and professional skills. Dr. Cohen’s help at understanding the legal and contractual obligations of acquiring a dental office are unmatched. 

Dr. Albanese rounds out this impressive group as the one closest to my age and place in life as well as my dental career. It is clear when talking to him that he understands the struggles of balancing having a young family with growing your dental career.  His guidance through this process has been a great model for how I can achieve my goals alongside those of this impressive group. While well respected in their own right, it is truly the coming together of these three excellent dentists and their varied perspectives  and backgrounds that allows me to be confident in the steps I have taken along with their help and guidance to set myself up for continued growth in my career as a dentist and business owner.